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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  March 10, 2019 10:30am-11:30am EDT

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his nday, divided democrats. iding. versus bri highlighted by this comment from freshman congresswomanan i omar. >> we'll talk about the in thisl influence country that says it is okay for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country. >> some fellow democrats hear bigot bigotry. >> the use ofc anti-semi languages cannot be tolerated. >> i hear her trying to uplift my grandmother in palestine. >> the debate with implications for 2020. my guests this morning, democratic senator sherrod brown of ohio. and liz cheney, chair of the
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house republican conference. >> plus waiting for biden. sherrod brown not running. michael bloomberg not running. both likely outy because t expect bide ton get in. >> i have not made the final decision, but don't be surprised. >> what is biden waiting for? and did he ask for a pardon? >> i have never asked for nor would i accept a pardon. >> a stone cold lie. >> we'llalk about that and more with the chair of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff. joining me for inse analysis is kasie hunt, robertcosta, maria teresa kumar and pat mcrory. welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press". >> from nbc news in washington, the longest runnihow in television history.
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this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. good sunday morning. never mind that president trump's campaign chairman is goingo prison. they argueed this week over which one of them is lying about a possible pardon. dana at "the washington post" ith president trump's recent struggles on north korea, on the trade deficit and the borde wall, there's only one thing that can save him, the democrats. and as h said right on cue, here they come. democrats spent much of the last month wrestling themselves to the ground. they were embarrassed over the revelation that ralph northam had once dressed in black face. started by allegationsf sexual assault against fair fax, and how to handle ilhan omar, her second comnt many saw as anti new cohorts of democrats are coming into contrast with thera
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li. they're united about the u of beating president trump, but they're divided with eac side seeing the other as why trump may win in the next election after l. ilhan omar drew criticism after tweeting that u.s. politicians support israel because it's all about theam benjs, baby. she apologized but then made this comment last week. >> i want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country. >> jews have dual loyalty and can't be patriotic memcors in which untry they live? words matter. >> some progressives defended omar pointing to anti-muslim slurs against herieike this fl in west virginia. >> we think hate in racism in
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our country is growing. >> late this week house democrats united around a broad resolutig con ddemning hate aftr some progrsives objected an initial draft. the episode is among those dividing 2020s. democr >> i think it was right in this case to demonstrate the house of representatives wasn't going to tolerate statement like the ones made. >> but several top pcasidential idates said omar was unfairly targeted. the debate is posing ideological, generional and racial divides in the democratic party. as thesi progres left is showing its strength. >> it is time to break up amera's tech giants. >> some 2020 democrats are reluctanto embrace capitalism. >> agn, the labels, i'm not sure any of the fit. >> championing the green new deal. >> does the green new deal go too far? >> no. you canno go too far on the issue of climate change. >> and calling for medicare for
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all. >> dthink eliminating private insurance would be a socialist idea? no. okay, so my -- i strongly believe that we nee to have medicare for all. >> can a more centrist candidate breakthrough in a party that's shifting to the left? >> why should we elect a candidate who says that's not possible to do everything progressives want? >> because i'm being honest. >> this week both former new yorkity mayor michael bloomber and sherrod brown said no thanks to a presidential run with joe biden poised to jump into the race. >> i have not madeal the f decision, but don't be surprised. >> even before his run as official, biden is already explaining decade's long recordng includi his role in passing the now controversial 1994 crime bill, his vote for the iraq war, skepticism of anita hill.
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>> i've been in this fight for a long avtime. i't always been right. i know we haven't always gotten things ght, but've always tried. >> joining me now from cleveland is sherrod brown of ohio who annound this week to the surprise of many that he had decided not to run for president in 2020. senator brown, welcome back to "meet the press". senator -- >> good to be back. >> the last time you were on my execive producer noted he was speaking about his presidential campaign in the psent tenset was so -- it seemed so emine to it. you surprised a lot of people. you had even begun to hire some people. what changed yournd >> well, as you know, chuck, this all started off because i don't think democrats were talking to working class americans of all races enough. if you love your country you might for the people who make it work. we began our dignity of work tour in four states. yes, we hired people to help ut hat tour, and to be ready.
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and our goal was to inform the narrative in the democratic party so that democrats began to talk more tokeorkers and t about the dignity of work. a number of candidates have already done that,lk have been g about the dignity of work. i predict that the democraticne no is the one that talks to workers the best. ndm not just talking about workers in thetrial midwest. i'm talking about the physical therapist in nevada, the construction worker in new hampshire, and the hospital worker in baltimore, and i would predict, if i could do this, that come january 20th, 2021, that in the inaugural when either the democrati president-elect raises his or her right hand, they'll launch into a speech, their inaugural speech. we'll talkhe aboutignity of work. it's who i am. it's what we fight for. most importantly, it's how we govern. >> to reinforce, we put together a collection of fks who sto your line.
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take a listen. >> we have to reward andiz reco the dignity of work. right? >> there is dignity in all work and career professionals. >> we've got to give it the dignitykf the w that is being performed. >> so senator, your message, in some ways you're doing something that many presidential candidates wish could have happened to them. your initial message resonates to the point where you have competitors stealing you lines. let me ask you this. how do you not run? it was resonating when youtill saidno. >> well, it was resonating, and i'd say mission accomplished but i'm not donyet. i can do that better now from the senate. i mean, wepent threeonths talking about the dignity of work. i'll continue to do that. i wen to the floor right after i announced i wasn't going to run and talked about civil rights and voting rights and worker rights and a supreme court that puts its thumb on thl of justice in favoring corporations over workers and health insurance company over sick people, and wall street over consers.
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will continue that economic populist fight always through e eyes of workers. it's what we are as a party. i think i could drive that better from the senate than i can as one out of 15, 20 presidential candidates, but in that sense -- >> i'm curious, when was the last time you talked to joe biden? >> october. >> so you haven't talked to him recently? this wasn' him calling around letting people know he's runn ng? >> it wae of that. i know that's been reported but the people that reported that neveralled me, connie, sara, my chief of staff. never called jenny, my communications director. i like joe biden, i just haven't talked to him. people ask me in almost every one of the states, isen joe b getting in having any impact on your decision? my answer was always zero. >> when people were assessing your candidacy, you were seen as a folk that could bridge this divide. you're a guy that figured out how to win in a red state but also had kept progress
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iveprinciples. here's what you told the nation in an interview very recently just before you decided not to run. you said if i run i'll be the ly democrat on the stage who will have voted against the iraq war and voted against the defensive marriage act which means and more marriageit equ and pro choice 100% over the yeees. itd to be it was your way of saying i'm an experienced democrat, but i'm also on the progressive side of the lane in ways that other democrats, perhaps you're referring to joe biden, were not. >> i was referring to nobody in particular. i've been saying that a strong progressive for years. i will carry that back to the senate. i will be part of this presidential campaign in terms of callis out t president for his phony populism. populism is never racist and antesemitic. populists don't give tax the richest people in the country and then try to cut medicare andead star i'll point out how this presidentra has bd the auto
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workers in lordstown and hospital workers in oth places. ly continue to make that tase from floor of the senate from travels around the country by moving the debate forward about dignity of work. >> do you think there's a danger gng too far to the left that it might scare voters say, in ohio? >> i hear these stories that that's the story of the day about democrats moving to the left. i thi the more important story is how republicans continue to mo to the right. how president trump stalls --ay be workers and utters racist anti-semitic rhetoric and nobody in their party calls tm out. they don't have divisions. they've all followed his racist actions and betrayal of workers. they followed off the cliff. that's the story, not of degrees of differences between and among democrats. that's the real story. >> what is fair game? you in that interview said in
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1996 when -- nessentially, w it wasn't a popular thing to do, you voted against the defensive marriage act, for instance. joe b has comments about bussing and desegregation of t schoolt are popping up some quotes from him inside 70s. you could make an argument tt was the mainstream democratic party position perhaps in the 70s. should those comments matter to voters in iowa to democrats in iowa in the twenty-first century? >> well, it doesn't reallytt what chuck todd or sherrod brown thinks about what it matters to voters in >>iowa. oes it matter to you? >> records matter to me. the candidate that is- talking to i mean, i go back to whoo what are theyoing to do about talking about workers and the dignity of work. i want to see dignity work just part of the campaign, not just a slogan, not just what these candidates talk about. i want to me sure they govern
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based on the work. it's about wages, benefits, workplace safety, child care. in the culinaryworker's union in las vegas, connie and i were there three or four weeks ago, their slogan is one job should be enough. i wt to hear workers start talking about that, that one living wage job should enough with health care, with retirement, with child care, with safet in the workplace. that's everything to me in this race, and that isni w message, and it's the way we should govern starting in 2021. >> i'm going to close with the same question i asked at the beginning. i didn'tn hear answer for why you didn't run. is it simply you didn't want to do it? >> i think we were successful in moving forward as we have. i was talking to some people about this, and you can run three different ways. you can run as eore where youve get up day, i have to do this. i didn't want to do that. you can be the angry candidate.
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i didn't want to be that. or youth can run asort of optimist joyful candidate. the way i try to do my j in thesenate. i think i can too do that better in the senate. >> you're saying you can't run for presidentjoyfully? that's what i just heard. sorry. >> ink i can do it better in the senate. >> fair enough. >> we'll leave it at that. >> senator brown. >> it's always joyful being an your show. >> that i appreciate. it's sunday morning cup of coffee'v and y sprung forward. >> even when the time changes and you make m get up an hour earlier and then you broadcast it later and people don't know how early we got up. thank you. >> you a your ohio colleague john kasich, younouys how to talk to your ohio voters. thank you, sir. much appreciated. joining me now is liz cheney of wyoming. congresswoman, welcome back to meet the press. >> thank u. >> i want to start with what happened in the house this week.
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it was a bitf a surprise. you were voted against this broad resolution, and while your criticism of theresolution, i understand, but you were in the minority in your party. did your fellow house republicans make a mistake by voting with the democrats in this resolution? >> no. i think there are two ways we could have eogone. somee looked at it and said there's nothing objectionable in the tireso. my statement made clear that was my view as well. i decided to vote against it because i think it was clearly an effort to actually protect ilhan omar, to cover up her anti-semitism by refusing to name her. the democrats have yet to take any action to remove her from her committee. and they have a problem. the extent to whi they're abiding by anti-semitism, enabling it in their party. it's something we watch them struggle with, but it's something that's dangerous for the country. i'm hopeful they'll do the right thing. >> the republican sources were quite peeved at cheneyo say
10:46 am
the least. when you're part of a leadership team, you stick together, period. criticism being member of ulleadership, that you s have spoken with one voice. >> i think you know how the hil. wo those anonymous sources who are out there sniping. i think the important tng for to focus on and remember, the democrats have been in charge now for about two and a half months in the house. in thahe timeve become the party of anti-semitism, the party ofm. social they've passed legislation that's violated the first amendment, the second amendment. it's really time for the democrats -- the leadership in that party to stop it, stand up, and act worthy, frankly, of the trust the american people have placed ithem. it's crucial for the nation. >> i want to unpack a couple things you said. you said youhink congresswoman omar should lose her assignments. you led the charge thave steve ng stripped of his tassignment. voters send these folks, the voters in western iowa know
10:47 am
steve king for better ordworse, he voters in minnesota knew her comments were very much well -- well-publicized. if they're sdinghem there, should congressional leaders with b not allowing them on committees? >> voters send them there. nobody is saying we' t going expel them. we expect the decision the voters made. but there are certain things that shouldn't be part of our publicdiscourse. anti-semitism, the history in terms of what hatches when you don't stand up to evil. how quickly wordso turn i something more horrible when it comes to anti-semitism. we must snd up t it. the ain't of anti-semitism supported by ilhan omar's colleagues is a kind of anti-semitism tha has the ability to creep in and become no halized. and e an obligation not to let that happen. t's anti-semitism that h crept in.
10:48 am
look at george sor oez. the attacks on him over the years, there was a pol one eet that implied that he was essentially trying to buy this or buy gotten mainstreamed in ways for years to the point where he said some guy was trying to pipe bomb him. this what aboutism? where everybody is trying to point to the other side. >> chuck, chuck -- >> and it's getting old. >> the what aboutism should not go on, and everyone including leader mccarthy has sto up firmly to condemn anti-semitism. the thing people need to focus on is the democrats and the house of representatives and the democrats themselves are completely frustrated with the s -- that the leadership they are protecting her. this isn't just being silent. they are ptecting her by failing to put a resolution on the floor that names her and that strips her of her committee assieament. in they put a resolution on the floor which she went out and said this is tremendous victory.
10:49 am
if we are not going to be in a position where you say the kind of language that she has said again and again and again is unabsolutely ceptable and has no place in our discourse, then those people who won't condemn it are enabling it. >> there was concern by singling her out you only make h target and they pointed to the west virginia republican party flyer. my point is w areetting -- >> you can describe it that way. >> thiis a dangerous y. >> you can describe it that way, but you're wrong. when you a situation inun this y and around the world where we've seen a global rise inis aitic attacks. we've had the kinds of attacks you had in theynogue in the united states recently. that's a moment -- >> a motive on the right. that guy was motivated by right wing fringe ideology. >> anti-semitic. it's wrong. when you're in a situation where you're an elected official, ere we have the history we have, what happens when you don't stand up and say this a ev call it what it is, we ll have an obligation to do that
10:50 am
i think it's shameful that nanty pelosi and the democratic leaders will not put her name on the floor and remove her from the house oforeign affairs committee. >> do you feel comfortable president trump has done enough to tamp down the right wing frin fringe? >> i think we should c together, the president, the vice president, members of the senate and the house, stand up od say in today's world, when anti-semitism ithe rise, when we have the history that we have, when we know what happens when people remain silent, every single one of us must at all times stand against it. >> there's a couplcy foreign poheadlines. this was with the president on friday abo north korea. >> i have a feeling that our relationship with north korea, kim jong-un and myself, chairman kim, i think it's a very good one. i think it remains good. i woul beurprised in a
10:51 am
negative way if he did anything at was not per our understanding. >> this is what we've learned just this he's accelerating the rocket program again. he's enriched more uranium t betwee summits and more importantly, they were reconstituting the programs while the summit was taking place. >> yeah. >> the president there -- you can't take him at his word on this, can you? >> we have watched kim jong-un and his father and grandfather operate the same way now for decades, and i would say that republican a democratic administrations got taken by him. i hope this president won't. think that the efforts are clear. >> hasn't he already gotten morf out this president by getting respect on the world stage? >> i think f thet the president walked away from the summit in vietnam is the right thing. we don't want a bad deal. it makes us less safe. >> the president is going to roll out a budget. there's going to be something that's alarming to allies. the president is goi to advocate perhaps wherever we have troops overseas, japan,
10:52 am
south korea, germany, he's going to ask for cost plus50. essentially tax countries over and above where we have bases. what does that do for the diplomacy of this country? >> i think it would be devastatg. we benefit. we have been able to benefit both from the perspective of freedom, prosperity, security, safety, because of our bas cooperation with our allies. the notion that we are now going to charge them cost plus 50 is wrong led and devastating to the security of our nation. >> do you think theepublican rty will support this? >> i won't. >> but the party might? >> well, i think it's going to be important for us to makeat se eople understand the danger that will do to our relationships and our fundamental security. our security, we've protected it because of our alliances and because we've been able with countries and we should not look at this as though somehow we need t charge them rent or for the privilege of having our forces there because that doe us a huge benefit as well.
10:53 am
>> congresswoman, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> when we come back, democrats are going through the same growingains republicans did when the tea party emerged. it's hard to keep competing factions happy. that and the waiting for ♪ ignition sequence starts. 10... 9... guidance is internal. 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... ♪ this is decision tech. it's screening technology that helps you find a stock based on what's trending or an investing goal.
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panel is here. pat mccrory, the foreman governor of rth carolina. kasie hunt. and robert costa, the moderator of "washington week" on pbs. kasie, let's unpack the hill before we get to the presidential race. the hill debate isoing to animate the presidential race. let me play nancy pelosi on omar from friday. >> the incident that ha was, i don't think our colleague is anti-semitic. i think she has a different
10:56 am
experience in the use of words, doesn't understand that some them are fraught with meaning that she didn't realize. but nonethele that we had to address. >> i will say this, speaker pelosi has given me my new favorite excuse, she has a ifferent experience with choice ofwords. that is one of my new phrases. this is not easy. >> it's not easy, chuck. one thing if you speak withs memb the democratic party, their frustrated how party handled this. there are jewish and non-jewish that are upset that this is as broad as it was. she said israel was hypnotizing the world before she was in office. she had the benjamins tweet that you showed the audience at the top of the show. now, she has this. every time, she has pled ignorance of these troeps. but they're tropes for a reason.
10:57 am
she' picking up on language that is anti-semitic, quite anankly. i think pelosi is doing what she has very carefully done, since this new caucus has come together, which is try to very carefully thread that needle and try to sew these two different generations together. andar it's gettingr. >> but there's only so much speaker pelosi can do. i met with seasoned veterans over the last week. they said in this day andge of social media, where someone lik representatiar can have millions of followers, the old rules don't apply. and so, speaker pelosi may try to cobble together legislation, to send a message to voters. but the people who have political capital inside this party, are those with a social mea following. >> okay. if you get off social media, the world looks normal. >> fairly different. >> but if you live on social dia -- i mean, i don't mean to carry this over. the nba is having a problem. its players are making all this
10:58 am
mod they're depressed because they live on social mediaveand feel negative comment and live it. that's what is happening to this generation. >> and part of it, too, is you don't know who is tweeting you. are they bots or real people? and the challenge is, predent trump has really done a fantastic job, communicating to a broader audienceased on his tweets. and it's toe-to-toe with a generation that expects they're going to have their breaking news, not on "the new york times," but through a tweet. and you don't have to have the accurate literacy, of, is this accurate? that's a challenge. >>ors ar mayor and governor, i thought that resolutions without actions were emptygestures. and this resolution was an empty gesture, which triede to ple everyone and ended up pleasing no one. but the problem with the democrats, with these new millennials, i call them the aoc millennials, not only doth they k they have the answers, they think they already have wisdom. and the nay pelosis of the
10:59 am
world have wisdom. and they are trying to explain to the younger people, wait, i'm the old person. and you cannot make that argument. >> there are some millennials at this table. >> bring it on, kasie. >> honestly, i think the leaders can learn something from thene r -- i take your point that, you know, they have not had the ki of experien in government and i think to a certain extent, e ere are going to be consequences for s the actions they take on social media, in the universe of trying to get things t done. the other hand, i think the old guard doesn't really understand the power of what they bbring. the way, guys, i want to insert somebody into here real quickly. "the times" set it up well. "the times" said, this is a debate in the democraticparty. do americans pine for a pre-trump equilibrium? r do the yawning disparities of these times callt for a more transformational administration? >> that. absolutely that. >> now, listen to aoc yesterday.
11:00 am
listen to this. >> moderate is not a stance. it's just an attitude toward life of, like -- the meh is like worshiped now for what? >> i rest my case. but the point i want m toke is there's another issue that millennials he aoc against the traditional liberal democrats. that was amazon. cuo cuomo, one of e most liberal mayors of new york city we've ever had, gave tax breaks to a major multibillion-dollara fought it. exist.billion didn't she didn't have the knowledge necessary of the economy. now, philosophy, that's a good argument. that's also showing the division in the democratic party. >> i think that what millennials are feeling is they are feeling from theirie expe. they know that something is off. they know their experience that they're going to have a guaranteed brighter future than their parents is not going to happen. broken. >> it's broken.
11:01 am
>> it used to be, if you worked hard and you followed the ethics of your parents, you would end up working for a company that would take care of you for a long time. that's not the case it isly not the case. age.t's bigger than the point representative cortez is making, is that the democratic party needs to move to the left. you look at this 20 residential race, where is the energy? fund-raising, bernie sanders. he's in his upper 70s. yet, he's the runner-up from '16 and he's saying to people likere theesentative of new york, i'm your type of candidate. i'm not a meh candidate, to use her term. >> it takes two 75-plus-year-old guys to have an argument between th generational argument here. are they place holders for now until the younger generation gets more grass roots support? bo i think that eve is waiting in the wings in large part because they are waiting for wbeto to announce.
11:02 am
all of the democrats that aremo trying t to the left, he has not necessarily said he is. and he's more palatable to the independents. and he's done that in interesting way. if you ask him where his policies are, they're not on the left. >> if there's a criticism on beto, you don't know where he stands. >> all of the left-wing stances, the green plan, where the millennials realize they have to have emergency and power at an affordable pricend they will out that energy is not cheap. you need energy to survive. anthe reality is going to wake them up some time. >> this is a conversation that needs more time. and i'm going to give it more time. back, presidenme trump says michael cohen is lying about asking for a pardon. cohen says it's mr. trump who is lying. all right. what does adam schiff think because michael (clock ticking) (bell ringing) it's time. time for a new kind of cloud. the ibm cloud. the cloud that proactively
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welcome back. this was a week in which we saw president tmp's former campaign chairman paul manafort get sentenced to prison. thean who made sure donald trump secured the domination for the presidency, was sentenced to
11:06 am
prison, with sentencing in anothecase coming this week. we saw mr. trump and cohen call each other a liar, over whether cohen sought a pardon from t president. we're going to turn to adam schiff, who joins me from los angeles. and on spring-forward day i'm grateful for you getting upho tt earlier. welcome back to "meet the press," their. >> thank you. >> let me start with who is lying? when it comes to michael cohen asked for a pardon. and did c michaelhen lie to congress again? >> well, the centr question of our investigation is, why did michael cohen lieefore our committee about moscow trump tower? whould this be in his interest? was this something that he did alone e there others involved in it? and there are reasons to belise that this not a lone decision on michael cohen. what we are looking for is corroborative evidence. d the reason why this whole moscow trump tower issue is so central to our instigation is,
11:07 am
that it explains potentially explains the president's bizarre affinity for vladianr putin. that is, he stood to make more money from this transaction than any deal in his life. and sought the kremlin's help to make this happen while concealing this from the public. that may be an animated principle for the president. he may believe tat when he leaves office, he still wants to build this tower. and while that may not be criminal, it is nonetheless corrupt and distts our policies. that is certainly the central question for us. in terms of who is telling the truth between michael cohen and the president, we know that the president has made probably over 1,000 false statements about thu ia issues. and here, we're going to have to we can t corroboration to find out where the truth lies. >> is it s take michael cohen on his word on anything? >> i don't think in terms of making the case to the public -- and here, we're not making the
11:08 am
dis case to a jury, that we can rely on the testimony of michael cohen. we're going to need corroboration. looking at what michael cohen said in the open hearing andwh his lawyer said afterwards, s was like what donald trump did when hed he had no knowledge of the payments to stormy daniels. and rdy giuliani said, oh, yes, he did. where is the truth there? we ask a michael cohenut this extensively. those transcripts will be made public. the public can evaluate his credibility themselves. >> you know, it looks like we don't know this for sure, but it looks like robert mueller will complete his ithestigation t subpoenaing the president before the grand jury or coming up with a way to have him interviewed befe the grand jury. president clinton went before ken starr's grand jury. if, indeed, mr. mueller decides not to issue that subpoena or figure out how to get the president in front of thatrand jury, is that going to have been a mistake, considering we have so many questions about who's
11:09 am
testimony should you believe? michael cohen's or dtrald p's? >> yes, i think it is a mistake. i said all along that i don't think bob mueller should rely on written answers. hen you get written answers from a witnesit's really the lawyers' answers as much as thee client's a you need to be able to ask follow-up questions in rein-time. but i the constraint that bob mueller is operating under, he had an acting attorney general who was appoind because hould be hostile to a subpoena on the president. and n, he has a permanent attorney general who has chosen for the same hostility to his investigation, who would likely oppose that step. i also thin the special counsel feels some time pressure to conclude his work and knowing the white house would drag out a fight over the subpoena. that may bs an , as well. i think ultimately it's a mistake because probably the best way to geth the tr would be to put the president under oath. as he's made plain in the past,
11:10 am
he feels it's fine to lie tohe public after all he has said, it's not like i'm talking before ra magi. maybe he shouldalk before magistrate. >> i want to move to something that was a bit confusing. erik prince, the brother of the secret education, but also has been before your committee, having to do wit some o meets that he had set up in the seychell seychelles. he was on al-jazeera and he was asked about some testimony to your committee and about whether he lied or not. take a listen. >> we're tere to talk about iran policy. >> there to talk about iran policy? isn't that important to disclose to the house committee under oath? >> i did. >> there's no mention of the trump tower meeting in 2016. why not? >> i don't know if they got the transcript wrong. >> so, this was about anoer meeting that erik prince had, i believe with some other representatives of other countries, in trump tower, the second so-called trp tower
11:11 am
meeting, not with russians but with other foreign countries. based on what you heard there, is mr. prince fetelling the tru? >> he's notlling the truth on that interview. there is something wrong with our transcript. nere washing wrong with the is orter who transcribed testimon he did not disclose that meeting to our committee. d as you can see from th published transcript of his interview, he was asked what kind of role he played, if any, in the campaign, and he said he had no role, apart from on his own submitting written papers, hanging a yard sign or making a contribution. and he was also asked about any substantive policy conversations that he might have had. so, his interview was certainly looks inconsistent with his testimony. bob mueller hashat testimony already. and bob mueller will have to make the decision about whether that rises to the level of deliberate falsehood. time of estions at the his testimony about his candor
11:12 am
and how forthcoming he wth and e questions have been heightened now. >> what is your concern about what he was doing? >> the concern is that this is anedher conce meeting. anothere in the context of the meeting thatd in the seychell seychelles. there have been persistent questions about whether the was playing a back channel role to the russians during the campaign. and those were a lot of the questions that we were askingm about. clearly, this meeting at trump tower with these players, was of direct interest to our committey so, wh conceal it? why withhold that infoation if there was nothing improper, no improper purpo in it? there are a lot of deeply concerning and unanswered question surrounding erik prince and his involvement with the campaign.r >> all ht. adam schiff, i will leave it there. the democratic lead on the house intelligence committee, the chairman. than very much for coming on, getting up early and sharing your views with us this morning.
11:13 am
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welcome back. "data download" time. heading into the 2020 election, democrats are excited about the opportunity for an electoral pickup. it's not texas. it's not arizona. but georgia. that's right. a state at hasn't voted for a democrat for president since bill clint in 1992. let's look to cobb county, what newt gingrich represented and the rapidly changing politics in the last few years. in 2012, cobb county voted for tt romney by 12 points. four years later it swung to hillary clinto and she won the county by two points. before you say, that's just a realize ump anomaly, thatta this past november, stacey abrams, the democratic candidate, won cobb county by ten points. what's going on went downo cobb county to figure it out. >> it's changing in cobb county.
11:17 am
it was one more republican. now, we have a lotf move-ins and it's getting a mixture now. georgia isecoming a mixture. i sort of like the republican part of it. >> it's true. cobb county has seen a ton of people move in the last few years. between 2010 and 2017, cobb county's population grew 9.8%, outpacing growth in georgia as a whole. in that same time, cobb coun has grown more diverse. with increases to theer african-an and hispanic populations. more residents have college degrees an median household income has gone from $66,000to $72,000 per year. the more telling data may be where the transplants to cobb county are comi from. of the top 20 counties that people move to cob from, since 2012, 13 are from outside the state of georgia. and 15 of those countiesoted for hillary clinton, including queens, new york, l.a. county
11:18 am
and miami-dade. this is just cobb county, of course. but you can see a lot of the changes in the other suburban counties, where e vote has also swung towards the democrats in and oundatlanta. so, is georgia ready to be a swing state again? >> the younger crowd is definitely going to go towards this. >> i have no doubt that a progressive candidate can win state-wide. >> i think georgia has been a swing state before. i think it's moving towards that way again. >> i can't imagine not being a red state. i really can't. >>we'll find out soon enough. coming up, paul manafort, a controversial sentence and that claim otherwise blameless life. comingup, end game, brought to you by boeing, continui our mission to connect, protect explore and inspire.
11:19 am
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health conditions and hiv. maybe you're one of them. but nyw medicare rules could ccess to the latest, most effective therapies that them healthy. are medicare cuts that save less than one percent worth the risk to millions of patients? president trump promised to protect medicare... we need him to keep his word. "end game" brought to you by boeing. continuing our mission to anprotect, connect, explor inspire. >> back with "end game." when "the des moines register" found out we were leading withti the democ divide, they said we should hurry up and get our poll in the field. let me put up the poll that's out this morning because it will have everybody talking. it's meaningful and meaningless atame time. we see who the top two
11:23 am
candidates are, biden and sanders. warren at 9, and harris at right below harris is beto at 5. booker and obklhar, over 1%. what is telling there, you can tes that buzz everything. bernie's numbers went up six points from the last time. and what is the ditchfference between this time and the last time? bernie is in the middle of an announcement tour. >> and sanders is running as a movement politician. he's gotten rid of his consultants. f's built a movementom his 2016 campaign. and senator warren has a message. break up the bigcompanies, go after tech. it's a crowded space on that atic side of the demo party. >> you know, chuck, one of the most interesting things in that pollif you look at the numbers for biden, the biggest chunk of them, if you ask who the second hoice is, the answer is bernie sanders, which is pretty remarkable. -
11:24 am
i do thi >> i thought so, too. they're the mainstream of the party, the two of themer toge >> potentially, yes. and bernie sanders' fund-raising means that he is g to be a factor. he has a core of supporterre i'm not it's big enough to win him big states. but if he polls 20%, 25% consistently, he will have the money to go the distance. mark my words, you will see him at the >>nvention. bernie sanders is one of the few people, he never stops campaigning. he does facebook lives where he has 30,000 people watching and following him. he really appeals to young voters. for thfi veryt time young voters are going to outweigh, potentially,he millennials -- excuse me, the baby boomers. they will have more eligible voters. >> therefore, i would like to apologize and do a resolution, ased on what i said about the millennials. i would like to say this, the more the candidates get out, we'll see trump numbers go up because there' going to be comparison. it's already happening. and the more congressman schiff
11:25 am
lks about investigations, and continuing these investigations, after the mueer port, i think trump numbers will go up. i think the democrats are going to put trump in office. >> speaking of the president, i want to play what he said apaut manafort because there's a part of the empathy i really don't get when it comes to become the sitting president of the united states. take a listen. >> i feel very badly for paul thnafort. ik it's been a very, very tough time for him. but if you notice, both his lawyer, a highly respected man, and ahily respected judge, the judge, said there wasllno usion with russia. >> well, the judge did not say thatidthough the judge say this about manafort, i think this sentencing range is excessive. he's been a good friend to others. what i don't understand is why the president is praising and feeling sorry for a man who defrded american taxpayers for at least $6 million. >> you know who else wonders that? many trump advisers. they wish the president would be
11:26 am
quiet about paul manafort. they wish judg ellis of alexandria would br spokesman. >> could have been. >> he is making the best case for this administration. the deputy chief of staff out as theommunications head. the president going on and on, talking about possible pardons. they wish all of that would just be noise. it's tell lis case, diminishing the mueller probe. that's wt the white house wants. >> there's a video right now, of a whale almost swallowing a person swimming in the ocean. and he spits him out. trump needs to spit manafort out. and the chairman of the intelligence committee needs t get rid of cohen. stay away from both of them. they're not good for either party. >> i think we need to clarify that what he was getting sentenced for was russian collusion. >> it was ripping off the american government of 30 years of lobbying. >> one of the conversations that people are having is how unjust
11:27 am
the sentence was for this crime. if we look a this judge, this judge threw the book at representative jefferson fr louisiana. >> an african-american democrom ew orleans. >> he was found to have embezzle$400,000. >> the freezer casual. >> the freezer cash. >> its so much lower than what paul manafort is dealing with. >> is there austice when it comes to white collar crime. he was teetering on treason when it comes to this. was that fair? that's where we have to the sentence that he was given. >> there's more sentencing coming for mr. manafort. thepinal tap drummer commission at the white house -- i mean the communications rector position at th white house -- >> there's some insight. i love it. >> he brought up bill shine. >> you want to be the communication director? >> what does this mean, kasie? >> to bob's earlier point, we're going to see more of the same. you know, i certainly wouldn't
11:28 am
want to be the person that needs to tell the president of the united states w to communicate with the american people. good luck. he's been doing it his entire li . >> how much did "the new yorkedo piece have tith shine's release? >> the president was frustrated with bill shine, not bringing the fox news expertise. most revealing of the most recent weeks, president trump at cpac, two hours. >> volume at 11 for president trump during the speech. >> that's all i have for today. thank you for antching. you for springing forward with us. we'll be back next week because if it's sunday no matter the hour, it's "meet the press."
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